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Judgement management


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Quality and security

The holding of ISO-9001 and PCI certifications, as well as the existence of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) compliant to the requirements of the ISO 27001 certification, demonstrates ARM’s pursuit to maintain the highest level of efficiency related to quality and information security management processes.


One of ARM’s distinctive strengths in the debt collection industry is without a doubt its collaboration with a bailiff’s network. Through this well-established network, ARM is present locally, where the debtors are. This proximity allows ARM to investigate, trace, serve and collect from your debtors the amount they owe you, with an efficiency that you can’t find elsewhere.

Commitment and performance

Performance is ARM’S purpose. The subjugation of multiple performance indicators insures the efficiency of our collection operations. We developed, over the years, a strong organizational culture based on commitment and performance. The accession of the participants is whole and contributes to the involvement of the entire staff in ARM’s success.


Our operating software, designed exclusively for our operational needs, optimizes follow-ups, does not impose any limit in regards of the data extraction and exportation and allows for compelling research of data as well as the automation of complete reports. Furthermore, via our website, our clients have access to their files. This access is secure and allows them to submit, consult, and comment on their files in real time. This competitive advantage demonstrates how serious ARM takes the emission of quality follow-ups, for both clients and debtors.

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