A creditor / client at ARM

General information

What are the benefits of placing your unpaid accounts with a collection agency?
  • Maintain a good relationship with your customers
  • Fast and amiable collection and less expensive than judicial collection
  • Allows you to focus on your operations
  • You benefit from our expertise that brings the debtors to pay their debt, all while respecting the laws and regulations applicable
  • Improve the average payment delay and replenish your cash flow
Where are you offices located?

We have three (3) operation centres:

  • Shawinigan, 795, 5e Rue de la Pointe  G9N 1G2
  • Longueuil, 2025, rue de la Métropole, Longueuil  J4G 1S9
  • Hawkesbury, 151, Main Street East, Hawkesbury  K6A 2H8
What is the territory covered by ARM?

Our collection services are available all across Canadian provinces and territories.

What are you business hours?

Our customer service is opened from Monday to Friday from 9 to 4.

How can I contact the customer service?


How are the collection fees established?

Our fees are exclusively composed of commission applicable on the collected amounts. The commission rates vary according to the value of the debt assigned in collection.

The commission is payable on every amount collected, that is, whether it was paid to ARM or directly to you.

Are there other fees or expenses?

Administrative fees related to the opening of files are billed. ARM offers two types of packages, one is a unique package, in which the fees are payable at each file opening or an annual package which is a fixed amount charge no matter how many files are submitted in the year.

The invoices issued by ARM are payable in the thirty (30) days following its reception. All unpaid amount are subject to an interest charge of 24%/year, that is 2% per month. Fees of $35 can also be charged for any declined payment at your financial institution.

The fees and administrative fees are subject to provincial and federal tax in effect.

Do I need to pay professional fees even if no amount have been collected?

Generally, except in the following cases, no professional fees will be charged by ARM when no amount had been collected:

  • Monetary compensation for a prematured withdrawal of a file in collection (opened for less than 12 months);
  • Monetary compensation for a legally unfounded or frivolous debt, or a debt already assigned to another agency or attorney for collection;
  • Monetary compensation for any credit or release granted to the debtor without ARM knowing.


How are the invoice issued?

The administrative fees are billed according to the chosen package, either at every opening of a file or annually, on the anniversary date of your contract. Administrative fees are payable in the thirty (30) days following the reception of the invoice.

When amounts are collected from the debtor, ARM issues an invoice reporting those amounts and the commission payable on these amounts. ARM retains the commissions directly on the amount collected and does a remittance of the balance.

At which frequency the invoice is transmitted?

When amounts are collected, we proceed to invoicing and remittances the last day of each month.

We have to consider, in the remittance delays, the delay of bank clearing that varies according to the payment method used by the debtor. This delay allows ARM to ensure the availability of the funds. Postal delays must also be considered.

i.e.: If ARM receives a payment by cheque the 25th day of the month, taking into account the minimum delay of 10 days for the bank clearing, the availability of the funds will only be confirmed at the beginning of the following month. That being, ARM will proceed to invoicing and remitting the last day of the following month.

Assign filed in collection

How can I assign a file in collection?

Assigning a file in collection is done via our web platform. You can access the Customer Centre by clicking on “My file” on the homepage of our website.

How can I follow the evolution of my files in collection?

ARM created the Customer Centre to facilitate the management of files in collection. It is a complete platform on which you can find all the information related to the files you assigned at ARM. Among other things, you will have access to your financial information, visual graphs to optimize the understanding of the results, the possibility to manage users and more. You can access your Customer Center by clicking on “My file” on the homepage of our website.

What are the collection procedures undertaken by ARM?

During the collection process, ARM deploys all necessary efforts to contact the debtor and proceed to the collection of the debt. Our contact attempts are done by mail, email, text messages, and contacts on the phone. Our agents also proceed to the validation of the possessed information by using different social medias and multiple specialized tools, including tracing, if necessary. ARM also proceed to the report of debtors to the credit reporting agencies (Equifax and TransUnion).

The debtor pays the debt directly to me while ARM already undertook collection procedures. What do I need to do?

It is very important that you inform ARM as soon as possible of any payment received from the debtor.

  • Via the Customer Centre

To do so, click on “My files” tab, then chose the concerned file by clicking on “Show” and select the option “Report the receipt of a payment”. The balance of the file will then be adjusted accordingly. It is also very important to let us know, if the payment was done by cheque, if it was NSF. If it is the case, you can return to “Report the receipt of a payment”, and select the payment option “NSF”, this action will cancel the previous payment.

Can I assign to ARM a prescribed debt?

ARM offers a turnkey service for the collection of your debts, whether they are active, passed due or even prescribed.

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